East Coast Show Listing
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East Coast Show Listing

Philly, or near

Jan. 10th-Warminster, PA Khrissey, Snollgoster, Usless Fucks @Some Skatepark

Jan. 11th-Philly, PA Enemy Soil, Black Army Jacket. Joseph (215) 893-1105

Jan. 11th-Philly, PA Chocking Victim, Skabs, Orphans, DisSucks @The Killtime Dave (215) 476-7066

Jan. 11th-Wilkes-Barre, PA XbedfordX, Chamber, Ignoramus, Very Special Guest, X-CELL @Redano's

Jan. 12th-Philly, PA VSS, Young Pioneers, 12 Tone System. $5 7pm@2125 Chestnut St. Chris 545-2536

Jan. 16th-Philly, PA Guttermouth, Assorted Jellybeans, Egghead, Archie Crisis $6 7pm*Killtime Warehouse (215) 462-5480

Jan. 18th-Philly, PA Violent Society, The Boils, DisSucks, Politically Challeneged, Double Cross, The Rase. @Stalag 13 Bill (609) 845-7897

Jan. 19th-Philly, PA Ruder Than You, King Chango, Instigators @The Troc

Jan. 24th-Philly, PA The Suspects, DisSucks, Limecell, Manual 7, +1 more. $5 6:30pm@Stalag 13 Andrew (215) 386-0505

Jan. 25th-Moosic, PA Earth Crisis, V.O.D., Blood For Blood +more. @Sea-Seas

Jan. 31st-Philly, PA H2O, Downset, Maximum Penalty, Coal Chamber @The Troc (215) 922-LIVE

Feb. 1st-Kutztown, PA Turmoil, Regular, Stillwater, Atari @Kutztown Grange Hall

Feb. 1st-Philly, PA Distraught, Devastation, DisSucks, Manual 7, Underpriveledged Nation, Dead Alive. $5 6pm@Stalag 13 Pat (610) 789-5347

Feb. 1st-Bethlehem, PA Blount, BigWig, Greiving Eucalyptus, Blue Collar Casualty @TBA (610) 907-3487

Feb. 1st-Philly, PA Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, Blue Meanies @The Troc

Feb. 6th-Philly, PA Texas Is The Reason @Upstairs at Nicks

Feb. 7th-Bethlehem, PA Digger, Nobodies, GoToHells, Overdrives 6:30pm@Scarlett O Hara's (61) 907-3487

Feb. 15th-Philly, PA Casualties, Bomb Squadron, Cuffs, Double Cross, CNile Youth. $5 6pm@The Killtime

Feb. 22nd-Moosic, PA Fury Of V @Sea Sea's

Mar. 1st-Philly, PA Wretched Ones, Limecell, Boils, Cuffs $5 6pm@The Killtime (609) 694-0552

Pittsburg, PA

Jan. 17th-Pittsburgh, PA Abnegation, Chalkline, Deadworks, Pensive $5 @Carnege Mellon U. (412) 862-2769

Jan. 24th-Pittsburgh, PA Earth Crisis, V.O.D., Zao, Blindside $8/w can food 6:30pm@CLUB LAGA (on Forbes Ave.) Jamie (304) 527-2545

Mar. 28-29th-Pittsburgh, PA 17bands $10/weekend (412) 862-2769 E-mail

State College, PA and Surrounding Area

Feb. 5th-State College, PA Reverand Horton Heat, New York Loose @The Crowbar (more info. to come)

Jan. 18th-State College, PA Blanks 77, Violent Society, Showcase Showdown, Disengage. $5/$4 w/can food 8pm@State College VFW Dave (814) 867-2568

Jan. 29th, 30th-State College, PA WINTER SKA FEST '97 (Over 20 bands) FREE @The Hub E-mail

Mar. 5th-State College, PA No Empathy, Jack Bastard, Strong Hold, more $4 @VFW ARA BENEFIT James (814) 234-4850 E-Mail

Lancaster, PA and Surrounding Area

Jan. 12th-Lancaster, PA Blend, Swell +4 more. $1/can food, or blanket, or jacket 12noon@Holiday Inn

Jan. 12th-York, PA Violent SOciety, Silent Majority, HandsXtied, Millhouse, Degenerics $5 2pm@Fenix

Jan. 19th-York, PA Brutal Truth, C.R., more $5 2pm@Fenix (717) 391-PUNK

Jan. 26th-York, PA Warzone, The Suspects, Sunnybrook, more $5 2pm@Fenix (717) 391-PUNK


Jan. 25th-DC Deadguy, Beta Minus Mechanic, Silent Majority, Left In Ruins. 7pm@GW Ballroom

New York

Jan. 11th-NYC V.O.D., Earth Crisis @Stone Pony

Jan. 11th-NYC Kilara, more @ABC No Rio

Jan. 12th-NYC Subzero, Breakdown. Agaimst The Grain, Faction Zero. @CBGB

Jan. 12th-Briarpatch, NY Howitzer, Bed Of Stone, Tenfold, Ill Desireables, Exit-18, more $6 @Caramle Bowling Lanes Dawn 914-225-5067

Jan. 17th-Staten IsLand Silent Majority, Black Army Jacket, Hanson. @Little Theater (917) 989-4393

Jan. 17th-NYC Fury Of V, 25 ta Life, Hatebreed @El engee

Jan. 18th-NYC Guttermouth @Coney IsLand High

Jan. 18th-Long Island, NY Subzero, Warzone, OS101 @PWAC

Jan. 19th-NYC Subzero, Yuppicide, Stillsuit +more. @Wetlands

Jan. 19th-Lindenhurst, NY Southpaw, Drop Back, Relentless, Overthrow, Perception @Dr. Shays

Jan. 25th-NYC Boiler Room, Candiria @CBGB

Jan. 25th-NYC Buttox, Pontious Pilate, Foma, V-reverse 3pm@ABC NO Rio

Jan. 26th-NYC Templars, A Bird Of Prey, Stormwatch, Inspecter, Bottom of the Barrel, First Strike, (?)Arbian Riot @The Bank

Boston, MA

Jan. 26th-Boston, MA Earth Crisis, Blood for Blood, 454 Big Block, Reason Enough. @Rat

Jan. 26th-Boston, MA H20, Ensign, 97a, more @The Rat

Feb. 23rd-Boston, MA Fury of V, Blood For Blood, 25 Ta Life, Ducky Boys, Distrust, Reason Enough @The Rat

New Jersey

Jan. 11th-NJ VOD, Earth Crisis @Stone Poneys

Jan. 12th-New Brunswick, NJ Rye Coalition, Redshift, Kilara, Seething Gray. $5 @The MElody Bar

Jan. 18th-Manville, NJ Deadguy, C.R., Transmegetti, By The Grace of God @Manville Elk Club Ben (908) 526-1930

Jan. 29th-Newark, NJ The Slackers, The Insteps, The Royalties @The Pipeline

Feb. 24th-Asbury Park, NJ Nofx, Snuff, Lagwagon @Stone Ponys

Mass. (Also check Boston listing above)

Jan. 18th-Worster, MA Fury of V @Espresso Bar

Feb. 2nd-Brockton, MA Fury Of V, Merauder

Feb. 13th-Brockton, MA Boiler Room, Madball, VOD @Club Onetwoone

Feb. 14th-North Hampton, MA Deadguy, Entropy, Overcast, Corrin, more $8 7pm@Pearl St. Mike (508) 939-8380

Rhode IsLand

Jan. 10th-Providence, RI Tree, Shrine, others @Lupos


Jan. 11th-Crofton, MD Despair, Disbelief, Brother's Keeper, Turmoil, Darkest Hour. $6 @Crofton Fire Hall

Jan. 19th-Elkton, MD Lifetime, Deadguy, I Hate You, Eldritch Annissette, Kill Quota 4pm@The Underground Pub.

New Hampshire

Jan. 20th-Salem, NH Bane, Piebald, Cave In, Psara, Born Ugly, Burncoat 2pm-9pm

Jan. 31st-Manchester, NH Earth Crisis, VOD, Blood for Blood, In Line, Distrust. $12.50 @Cafe Savoie Shawn (603) 642-3550


Jan. 18th-Danbury, CT Pooptroo, East Coast Panic, Baltimore Foot Stompers, The Injections, Kitty Badass, Cheloveck, more. 6pm@Harambee Youth Center (410 Main St.) E-mail

Jan. 24th-New Milford, CT Subzero, Faultline @New Milford Teen Center

Jan. 28th-New Haven, CT Earth Crisis, VOD, Dissolve, Cleanser, Break Hold. @Tune Inn


Jan. 17th-Lakeland, FL Demented Youth, and more local punk bands $5 @Mirror Center

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